Q1. Which types of domestic helpers are eligible for applying “HelperJoy” Insurance?

Full-time/ part-time local domestic helpers can apply for Basic Plan.

Full-time overseas domestic helpers can apply for either Comprehensive Plan or Superior Plan.

Q3.What will happen to this Policy if my existing Insured Helper will resign or will be laid off and a new helper will become his/her replacement? Shall I apply a new “HelperJoy” insurance policy for the new employed helper?

During the Period of Insurance, same benefits shall be payable for any new Insured Helper replacing an existing Insured Helper named in the Schedule less any amount already paid in respect of loss or damage sustained by the existing Insured Helper. To change of Insured Helper, new application is not required, you may replace the existing helper’s information by notify us in writing. In case there will be handover time for more than 30 days, we may issue an endorsement to cover this period for two helpers, subject to an additional premium.

Q4. My new domestic helper has already arrived and reported for duty. However, I forgot to inform the Insurer about the change of effective date. Can I request the insurance effective date of my new helper to start from the date of his/her arrival?

No. We can only update the policy information upon receiving the notice from the Policyholder about the new domestic helper. We cannot amend the effective date to an earlier date.

Q5. Will compensation be made if my domestic helper suffers from an injury when he or she is on leave in Hong Kong?

Yes. Your domestic helper will be protected against Personal Accident compensation in case of death or permanent disability within 12 months after the injury.

Q6.What is Waiting Period?

It is a 15-day waiting period from the policy effective date for each Insured Helper. No benefits shall be payable under out-patient benefit, hospitalisation and surgical benefit, dental benefit and service interruption allowance sections during the Waiting Period.

Q7. My domestic helper has involved in an accident out of Hong Kong. Can I make a claim?

No. The geographical area of this policy is limited to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region only.

Q8.Should the insurance period correspond with the employment period?

Not necessary but the domestic helper must be employed by you during the policy effective period.

The above information is for reference only. For details of policy terms and conditions, please refer to the policy.